Fort Myers FL Restaurants That Are Going To Impress

How do you pick a city in Florida to visit? There are so many good ones, and the sunshine state invites you to experience all they have to offer. How many cities in Florida have you visited so far? For this article, we are going to take a look at the city of Fort Myers FL and some of the top restaurants there. If you plan on visiting Fort Myers, you are going to have a blast, and maybe you can enjoy a meal at one of these four top establishments.

Out of over 850 great restaurants in the Fort Myers area, Roadhouse Cafe is one of the best. It is located on San Carlos Boulevard, and it is known for all kinds of delicious eats, including an orange cake. Would you like some kobe beef carpaccio? Reviewers talk about their being live music at this restaurant, so that is a nice treat.

Then there is Mel’s Diner, and it looks a nice place to grab a meal. Located on South Cleveland Avenue, Mel’s Diner is lit up at night. As for the food served there, you are talking about prime rib, burgers, ribs, and get this, liver and onions. Now I wouldn’t be able to order that and enjoy it, but I know my great aunt would be in Heaven seeing that on the menu.

Downtown House of Pizza is the next Fort Myers FL restaurant that I want you to take a look at. It is found on Hendry Street, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find at all, given its name and downtown location. Order up some delicious pizzas, have a canoli for dessert and call it a nice dinner. Reviewers talk about the white pizza, so that may be something you want to try.

Ford’s Garage is the last restaurant for this article about Fort Myers. Ford’s Garage is located on 1st Street, and one of its claims to fame happens to be the burgers served up there. You can even have a pretzel bun for that burger.

When in Fort Myers, it helps knowing where to eat. One couple visiting the city left a review for Ford’s Garage saying that they can’t believe they missed that place in all the years they have been vacationing in Fort Myers FL. That just goes to show that you need to know where to have the best experiences all the way around.